Today i feel called to talk about Elecampane (Inula helenium). One of my favorite garden plants. Ive always found it impressive in its stature and its flowers wild and joyful. Im not sure exactly why I woke up this morning and felt inspired to write about this plant. Maybe because I need its energy today. […]

Hawthorn Berries for Moontime

Hawthorn LATIN~ Cratagaegus oxyacanthus (english hawthorn). PARTS USED~ Leaves, flowers, berries and bark FAMILY~ Rose USE~  Commonly known as a heart tonic and treatment for heart disease, hawthorn also strengthens metabolism and circulation. It can relieve many problems such as sleeplessness, exhaustion, palpitations, anxiety and emotional heartache. It strengthens heart muscle and regulates heartbeat. Benefits the […]

Inner Revival Chai Elixir

I used to adore coffee. i drank it every morning and couldn’t function without it. The smell brings me back to the warmth of my grandmothers kitchen and rainy days at my kitchen window with a book or pen and paper. It was my favorite tool for any creative endeavor. There’s something so incredibly soothing about […]

DIY Children’s Multi Vitamin

After I weaned Luna at 2.5, she suddenly became a picky eater. She now turns her nose up to her once loved almond butter and scowls at anything that isn’t made of bread. I’ve tried everything to sneak in more nutrients but nothing gets past her stubbornness. Smoothies are sometimes met with enthusiasm, other times […]

The Importance of Self Massage

There are numerous benefits to massage: Stress reduction and decreased risk of depression Lymphatic drainage Pain relief Increased immune function Tissue regeneration Greater circulation of oxygen and nutrients into organs Better quality sleep Obviously, nothing beats getting a massage from someone else but you can get most of the benefits by doing it yourself and […]

Night time Massage Oil Recipe

~2 cups oil of choice (olive, coconut, sesame, almond, avocado, etc.)Jojoba oil and Olive oil are wise choices because they have a long shelf life and are suitable for a variety of applications.   ~2 cups herbs that have an affinity for the skin (rose petals, hops, chamomile, lavender and plantain or any other yummy […]